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WoW TBC Alassic Accounts for Sale / Buy Burninc Crusade Classic Level 70 Character

Our shop is undoubtelly, the largest WoW Classic: Burning Crusade account store, offering hundreds of playable level 70 characters for WoW TBC Classic.

If you are wondering whether it is worthy to buy a level 70 account for TBC, consider that even though the XP rates of the old Classic 1-60 content, a drastic time is still needed to get to 60, yet alone 70 which is approximately 40% of the leveling time. By browsing our account shop, you will see that we have no shortage of any kind of account, including all possible race, class and realm zone (US and EU) combinations. This really means literary all possible combinations of Draenei, Night Elf, Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Orc, Undead, Blood Elf, Tauren, Troll, Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Mage, Priest, Warlock for every single Americas and Oceania / European WoW TBC realms. This gives you a smooth access to any desired alt or main character combination by skipping the time consuming (and for most, boring!) leveling process. Some servers allow for character migration so be sure to be aware which ones do if you are seeking for such feature. So, is it worthy? Let's say you leveled that old Vanilla Priest of yours to 70, but wish to experience end game play with Blood Elf Paladin. It will take you a month or so until you reach the end game content, by simply buying a level 70 WoW TBC character you get there even today. Considering the relatively cheap price for almost all WoW TBC Classic Accounts we list on sale, it is a definitely worth the investment.

Please note that even though our website (Wow TBC Gold) is a new one, we stem from the oldest and largest Vanilla Classic, TBC and WotLK gaming networks (known and previously known as MMORPGMALL, V7Gaming and VanillaGames). Our team has been providing WoW Vanilla Classic and WoW TBC services since 2014 for all private WoW TBC servers ranging from WoWOne's Archangel, Elysium TBC, Endless, Sunwell Nightbane, Atlantiss's Netherwing and Karazhan and lesser know ones like Hellground and Hellfire. We really know what you need and what you are after when looking to buy WoW Classic TBC account.

Sell WoW TBC Account

We are open to collaborate with almost everyone. If you have an account and wish to get rid of and start another, or simply halting the game, you can earn some nice bucks by 'dumping it' off to us. For people who level many accounts and characters, we can partner up and list them for sale on our shop to increase your Wow TBC Classic Account sale chance, provided you follow our guidelines to ensure the long term safety of that account (disclosed privately).

WoW TBC Boosts & Powerleveling

If you are not sure about going with a purchased account, and would simply like a boost or power leveling aid for your current character, we support almost all kinds of WoW TBC Classic boosting and powerleveling services. So if you are stuck somewhere in the 30s levels, we can surely take of your toon and turbo speed it up to 70, even add all bells and whistles like professions, reputation boosts, arena rating, honor points, or even boost it up with the best possible preRaid BiS gear.

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