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Everyone is in a need of some kind of boost. Our site offers professional WoW TBC Boost services, ranging all kinds of PvP and PvE boosts including: Arena Rating and Honor Farming for PvP, and Reputation, Profession, GearScore (item level), Dungeon, Raid and Powerleveling boosts for the PvE aspects of WoW Classic: Burning Crusade.


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buy WoW TBC Power leveling boost. Check our powerleveling service. Ideal for players who find the leveling process boring or need to catch up with a friend. We will do the 'dirty work' for you and get you to 70 in no time. WoW TBC Powerleveling →


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Buy WoW TBC Gear boost If you are not sure how to improve your Gear Score rating or simply don't have the time for it, this service is for you. We can quickly improve your GearScore rating with BiS items. Check WoW TBC Gear Boost →


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buy WoW TBC reputation boost. If you are struggling to improve your reputation with any of the Burning Crusade factions especially like Aldor or Scryer we are here to help. Check our service: WoW TBC Reputation Boost →


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Buy WoW TBC Profession boost For most players, skilling up a profession is a daunting task and process, especially the last 20 skills in WoW TBC. Let our PRO boosters, max up your skill - WoW TBC Profession Boost →


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buy WoW TBC Dungeon boost. Use our help and we will carry and boost you through all Burning Crusade Classic dungeons, including standard and heroic wants. Get the loot you desire. Check our service: WoW TBC Dungeon Boost →


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Buy WoW TBC Raid boost Let our PRO WoW TBC raiding team carry you through all dungeons, both heroic and standard. Get your T4 and T5 pieces and the rest of your desired gear. Check WoW TBC Raid Boost →


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buy WoW TBC Arena rating boost. Our PvP Boosters can increase your Arena Rating for all 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 matches. Use our help and get the Gladiator gear for the season. Check our service: WoW TBC Arena Boost →


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Buy WoW TBC Honor boost PRO Honor farming for Burning Crusade Classic. We can carry or boost you directly in all TBC Battlegrounds: Eye of the Storm, Warsong Guilch, Arathi Basin... Check WoW TBC Honor Boost →

Professional WoW TBC Boosting Services from Wow TBC Gold

As per the announcement of Blizzard, WoW Classic: Burning Crusade will be the first expansion to the WoW Classic sequence which was re-released in 2019. The release follows the same pattern as in 2007 when Burning Crusade was first released. Existing WoW Classic players will be able to chose to continue in 'Classic Era' or move their characters to 'Burning Crusade era' (or both - payable option). Every account will have the option for single boost to level 58, this is good for those with less time seeking to directly experience the Burning Crusade content.

List of all WoW TBC Classic Boosting Services

All of our services (subject to change) are listed below:

  • 1. Profession boost, covering all gathering, crafting and secondary professions.
  • 2. Reputation boost, covering all major Burning Crusade reputations including Aldor & Scryer
  • 3. Honor boost, covering all Battlegrounds
  • 4. Arena boost, covering all matches
  • 5. Powerleveling boost, covering 58-70, 60-70, 1-70 and custom WoW TBC powerleveling
  • 6. Gear boost, covering and including all pre-raid and raid BiS items
  • 7. Dungeon boost, covering all TBC dungeons, both standard and heroic
  • 8. Raid boost, covering all TBC raid instances, both standard and heroic

Why Wow TBC Gold? Easy WoW TBC Boosting.

While our site is new, we wanted to dedicate an unique site for WoW TBC Classic. We aren't new to WoW TBC - we stem from old networks known as V7 Gaming and, the largest WoW Private Server networking which were exclusively covering Vanilla servers: Classic, TBC and WotLK. As part of the network, we have been providing WoW TBC Boosting services since 2014 on almost every private WoW Burning Crusade servers from Elysium TBC, Archangel on Feenix, Nightbane Sunwell, Atlantiss Netherwing, Karazhan among dozen of others. It is an area we specialize in and WoW Classic: Burning Crusade will be no different, it is our main playground.

Shop for Burning Crusade boosting with peace of mind. We differ from our competitors because you don't have to lose time with 'uncompetent' boosters which are commonly found on forums and marketplace sites. Our PRO team is ready to help whether you are on the US or EU realms of the TBC era. We make it simple and easy for you. Nothing better than having the desired achievement completed fast and easy.

What kind of boost do you need?

This depends on your in-game goals. If you prefer to combat with other players, we would suggest first obtaining solid PvP gear through Honor farm before venturing the Arena. This is the common pathway for WoW TBC Boosting. PvE is a bit different due to the many various aspects. Certain Professions can be utilized for PvP, the rest of the services can make your life easier with deeper Outland end-game content.

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